Yacht Brokerage

Besides our sales record it’s our repeat client rate that speaks volumes about our success. Clients say it’s because of our knowledge, acumen, and focus on solutions. They find that our excellent communication – with clients, buyers, charterers and across the industry ensures an efficient, enjoyable experience. And, of course, they value our culture of integrity. Between us we have run highly successful multi-national businesses, as well as managed, operated, captained and built a stellar collection of Superyachts, many of which we have gone on to resell, rebuild or bring to the charter market. As such, we offer a 360° perspective of the sales and purchase processes.

Delivering the utmost yacht brokerage solutions for the most discerning owners.



We believe that every yacht is unique and sits differently on the market, whether these are production superyacht or highly custom pedigree yachts. Thanks to an access to world leading yachting databases, our experts will identify the unique selling points of your superyachts and what sets her apart from the rest of the market. This in depth analysis of your yacht’s market will allow our team not only to present your yacht in the best fashion, through digital campaigns or discreet communications, but also to come with a pricing strategy that is more comprehensive than most. 



Any yacht owner of course wants to receive the highest price possible for their most valuable asset. A realistic valuation of your yacht will be based on a thorough evaluation of your yacht as well as the market data. Our brokers do not overestimate the value of a superyacht to later recommend price reductions on price reductions, we aim at pricing a yacht accurately to ensure a timely sale, limiting the running costs of your yacht and excessive devaluation coming with a long sale process.



Thanks to a wide range of marketing efforts TWW will promote your boat to the most discerning yachtsmen and the ones that matters only. With strong digital marketing efforts, presence in luxury events and the creation of the utmost contents, such as high level videography, and virtual tours, your yacht will be promoted to potential buyers.

smooth transition


Our brokers will ensure that all the documentation regarding your superyacht is relevant and up to date to prepare the yacht for her sale. Extensive specifications and inventories will be prepared, when needed and exclusion lists will be created to maintain your ownership over items aboard you do not wish to sell. Once a buyer comes with an offer on your superyacht, our brokers will handle the negotiations on your behalf, reporting back to you whenever necessary. The coordination of the sea trials, survey and smooth transition of your asset will be handled by experts only. 

EXTRA 86 yacht



  • 62.5m
  • Codecasa
  • 2003


  • 51.7m
  • Alloy
  • 2006

K584 HULL 2

  • 36.6m
  • Custom yacht
  • 2023


  • 35.15m
  • Princess yachts
  • 2017


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