Crew Structure

Crew Structure

Our Crew Structure Management Service is designed to help the owner meet the unique employment requirements of operating a yacht in the EU and US. Via this service, we would arrange for the set-up of a dedicated protected-cell employment company in Jersey. Then through our service agreement with the crew employment provider, we would monitor and provide input for the crew employer to ensure the owners’ requirements are met. This system offers a consistent approach to crew employment concerns and ensures that the operational needs of the vessel are always flawlessly achieved.



By using our Crew Structure Management service, you are guaranteed to be connected with MLC audited and certified employment companies, procedures (DMLC II) and crew. The provision and administration of customizable Seafarer’s Employment Agreements (SEA) are included, as accepted by the yachts flag state, and a Crew Handbook/Standing Orders providing detailed guidance on required standards and practices onboard as well.


The Crew Structure Management Service will handle all crew payroll administration, tax, pension/social security, accounting, payments, crew leave administration, reporting and payslips. Advice and cost-effective crew social security measures are included.


The team offers full support to the owner and Captain in matters of crew dispute, conducts thorough background and medical checks, is fully trained for complaint and grievance resolution handles disciplinary matters and crew terminations; in accordance with defined MLC approved procedures.


Complete advice and arrangements for crew training; from technical skills to etiquette knowledge is also included in our Crew Structure Management service.



Our Crew Structure Management service ensures you receive clear reports on crew employment status/particulars as per required. It ensures the separation of the Yacht Ownership Company from crew employment responsibilities, with the aim of reducing the owners’ exposure to crew related issues and social security measures. Our service also guarantees the employment of the crew in a fair manner with clearly defined contracts that meet internationally agreed crew employment criteria (MLC). It enhances  crew stability and retention; resulting in greater efficiency, reduced running costs and higher. Lastly, it also maintains onboard standards of service, safety and maintenance when it comes to all crew matters. 


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