If you are looking for a career which will take you to some of the most beautiful and stunning locations in the world, then why not consider becoming a yacht steward or stewardess. An entry-level position, a yacht steward or stewardess is the excellent starting point for a fulfilling yacht career. What’s more, your salary may even be tax-free, depending on your nation of origin. A central part of the yacht’s interior crew, the primary job responsibilities includes ensuring the interior of the yacht is kept to highest of standard while offering premium guest service to the yacht owners and guests. Yacht steward and stewardess jobs are available on both privately owned yachts as well as charter yachts, which are rented out per day or week.


Yacht steward and stewardess jobs are widely seen as the entry-level route to a fulfilling career in yachting. From this role, one can work their up the ladder into more specialised management or interior positions, like head of interior, chief steward and head of service. Check out our entire yacht steward and stewardess job offering to start your new career today.

A yacht steward or stewardess daily tasks cover general housekeeping, service duties and serving. This includes doing laundry for the guests and crew, preparing and serving drinks, meal service duties, polishing tableware, interior decorations and maintaining the bar. The exact day-to-day job description of a steward or stewardess varies per yacht, type and size of the yacht, as well as the itinerary and season.

A common working schedule for yacht stewards and stewardesses when guests are not aboard is 8 am to 5 pm, with two days off per week. Hours tend to increase when guests or owners on onboard, as yachts run 24 hours a day. 


The average salary on charter and private yachts for steward and stewardess jobs starts at €2,400 a month. More senior roles, such as chief steward and chief stewardess, can earn more than €8,000 a month. When working on charter yachts, stewards can also expect to make solid tips. Still, it is easier for junior or novice stewards to gain valuable experience working on private yachts first, as the work pace tends to be slower. 




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