Working in a professional environment, responsible for the safe handling, navigation and manoeuvring of a yacht, while maintaining communications between land and ship – the role of a Yacht Deck Officer is crucial to the successful operation of any yacht. A senior position and central role to a yacht’s deck department, a yacht deck officer, also known as Chief Officer, is in charge of overseeing the shipment and delivering of cargo and operating all life-saving devices next to the efficient and safe running of a yacht. Working together with the deckhands, this team works tirelessly to keep the yacht and its crew safe, secure and happy. Yacht Deck Officer positions are available on both privately owned yachts, as well as commercial yachts.


Yacht deck officer jobs are widely held in high regard across the yachting industry. Tasked with keeping the yacht and its crew safe, secure, and in business, it is a challenging but very fulfilling role. Interested in learning more? Then have a look at our available yacht deck officer positions now. 

duties and responsibilities

A yacht deck officer’s daily tasks include the navigation of the yacht through satellite and radar systems, managing communication systems, supervising the safe loading and unloading and storage of cargo and monitoring the ship’s safety and firefighting systems. As part of the deck department, the yacht deck officer spends a significant amount of time on the bridge navigating the ship and out on the deck. In addition, deck officers are also responsible for the administrative, financial, and legal matters of the yacht’s operations.


The average salary on charter and private yachts under 40m for yacht deck officers starts at €4,000 a month. However, data indicates that yacht deck officers on private yachts smaller than 80m earn more on average than those on charter yachts. Yacht deck officer roles on yachts bigger than 101m have the highest earning potential, close to €9,000 a month.



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