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What is a yacht without a Captain? The captain of any yacht is in charge of the safe manning and operation of the vessel, with all crew members falling under his or her command. Similar to the role of a CEO or president, the captain must operate the yacht under firm international rules and regulations, while making sure the owners and all guests onboard have a memorable and pleasant experience. 


If you have excellent leadership, navigational and communication skills, together with a charismatic and solid personality and engineering experience, then why not consider building a career as a yacht captain? Browse through our full list of captain jobs now.

duties and responsibilities

A yacht captains duties and responsibilities include the safe operation and navigation of the yacht, hiring and dismissing crew members, overseeing the general upkeep of the yacht, managing the yachts budget and acting as the main ambassador of the yacht. This includes hosting and entertaining guests when needed as well as managing the yacht’s refits and surveys when there are no guests or owners on board. Depending on the size of the yacht, a Captain may have to take on more manual tasks or more administrative duties. 


Captain salaries do vary, depending on the level of experience as well as the size and type of yacht they are working on. Larger yachts tend to offer higher salaries, reaching an average of €18,000 per month on vessels between 81 and 100 meters. Captains of smaller motor and sailing yachts, ranging between 41 and 50 meters tend to earn an average salary of €10,000 per month.


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