How to charter
a yacht?


Chartering a yacht can seem complicated with items like APA or delivery fees. Our brokers compiled here for you all the answers to the most asked question we are receiving on the process of chartering a superyacht. 


How do I book a yacht charter?

Each yacht for charter is unique by it’s accommodation, crew, destinations, toys & tenders, as well as plenty of other features. Combining a wealth of experience in the field, access to a fleet of yachts worldwide, and hands on knowledge of the yacht charter market, our brokers will provide you with accurate charter pricing for your superyacht. Thus ensuring your yacht is booked as much as you want and guaranteeing the perfect balance between owner’s use, charters, maintenance, and crossings.


Is it worth it?

The short answer is yes.

There is no better way to travel the world than by private yacht. A yacht is a floating five-star hotel with staff dedicated to your every need. You can forget crowded hotel lobbies, strangers in the pool, and struggling to get a waiter’s attention.

While exploring places such as the Mediterranean, you might want to visit multiple cities at once. For example, a great cruise is from Monaco to St Tropez, passing by Eze, St Jean Cap Ferrat, Antibes and Cannes. If this route was done by any other means, it would be almost impossible for a large group to achieve in the same amount of time. On a yacht, however, every minute of the journey is optimised, and is always in the utmost privacy and luxury.


How much do you tip on a private yacht?

Tips aren’t required but are appreciated by the crew. The stewardess and deckhands will give their maximum attention to the guests, working round the clock to satisfy their every need. They are available almost 24/7 and often live in close quarters. While the tip isn’t mandatory, it’s customary to tip the crew 10-15% of the charter fee to show appreciation. 

Charter Season

Why is the charter season only 6 weeks long?

The charter season for a yacht depends on the destination and how long the yacht is operating. The Mediterranean high season runs for 8 weeks from July to August. However, the area remains busy from the Monaco Grand Prix at the end of May until the Monaco Yacht Show in late September. Therefore, the Mediterranean season can be regarded as being 16 weeks long. Similarly, the Caribbean season lasts from early December through to Easter, and includes NYE in St Barts. 



Do yacht charters include food?

The charter fee doesn’t cover the food or provisioning of the yacht. This is covered by the Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA) which amounts to approximately 30% of the charter fee. The unspent part of the charter APA is later returned to the charterer. Yachts do not operate in the same fashion as all-inclusive resorts, as the menus are created to suit the diverse tastes and needs of the charterers and various guests on board the yacht. 


Is alcohol included in yacht charters?

The charter fee doesn’t include alcohol, food, fuel or berthing. These elements are provided through the Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA), which is equivalent to around 30% of the value of the charter. The unspent part of the charter APA is later returned to the charterer. The reason yacht charters do not work on an all-inclusive basis is that the quantities are calculated to suit the size of the party as well as the diverse tastes and needs of those on board.

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What is a charter fee?

The charter fee is the cost to hire the yacht and its crew to cruise in a designated region. This includes a yacht in functioning order, with all working safety equipment, insurance coverage and a professional crew to cater to all your needs.


Why are shoes not allowed on yachts?

The teak decking on board a superyacht is one of the most sensitive parts of the vessel and requires an exceptional amount of maintenance from the crew. Used outdoor shoes may carry sand and tiny rocks which can easily damage the teak deck if worn on board. The crew will be wearing dedicated boat shoes on board, which some yachts are happy to also provide for guests. 


Can you smoke on a yacht?

For safety reasons, smoking is traditionally not allowed on yachts, as fires are one of the top risks aboard a vessel at sea. On board some yachts, the captain will allow smoking on the exterior decks in outdoor areas such as the bow lounge, the swim platform and the cockpit. Some of the larger yachts feature a dedicated cigar lounge where guests can enjoy a cigar in the utmost luxury. With a separate ventilation system and special furniture, these rooms are designed to not capture the smell of smoke. 


Can you charter a yacht with pets?

Chartering with animals is usually a tricky endeavour as most yachts aren’t pet-friendly. Informing your charter broker ahead of your wish to travel with an animal will help them present you with yachts that allow pets. In most cases, small dogs can be allowed on board, provided that they remain under supervision by either a staff member of the charter party or one of the crew. 



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