Yacht Building

Building a custom yacht is a lengthy but immensely rewarding undertaking. Throughout the two to four year process between initial research and delivery of your yacht, TWW will accompany you every step of the way. By drawing on our leading industry networks and applying our renowned experience, we will build your perfect custom yacht.



When it comes to bringing your dream yacht to life, working with the right parties is of vital importance. While some people may have a finalised vision in mind, others may have more of a loose concept they wish to build on. This is where an experienced yacht designer, marine architect and interior designer come into play. It is their role to interpret your lifestyle, personal preferences and tastes to design the perfect yacht. TWW works with some of the leading and most coveted yacht designers and architects in the world. Depending on your vision, our expert team will pair you with the best possible design studio and facilitate all needed conversations and meetings, from the first meeting through to finalising the preliminary design. 




Once the preliminary design is complete, our team will put together a shortlist of shipyards based on your specific needs and send out a design specification to tender. Using our insider knowledge together, we will go over all the proposals and guide you in choosing the best shipyard. Once the contract is signed with your selected yard and construction begins, we will liaison between you and the build team. From building the hull to metalwork and engineering through to the final polish, we review the smallest details on your behalf, keeping you informed of each new development.



Throughout the two to four years between initial research and delivery of your yacht, we will draw on our excellent industry contacts and apply our extensive experience to ensure best practice and results. From metalwork and engineering through to the final polish, we pore over every detail on your behalf.

After successfully overseeing the sea trials to ensure your superyacht is ready to be received by her new owner, our team will arrange the momentous delivery and see you out on your maiden voyage – and beyond. Afterwards, we remain on hand to assist in the hiring of the crew or daily managing of your yacht. Q



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