The world is brimming with exciting, exotic and unique locales. From the tried-and-true islands of the Caribbean to the beautiful coastlines of the Mediterranean, the far-flung isles of Southeast Asia or the pristine beauty of Alaska’s fjords, there are so many places to visit.


Discover the world’s most beautiful destinations while enjoying Michelin-standard cuisine and making memories with family and friends – it’s what a luxury yacht charter is all about.

Sun-drenched beaches, gentle breezes, spectacular sunsets and coastlines so jaw-dropping that even the most amateur photographer can get the killer shot: this quintessential destination for first time charterers offers plenty of bang for your buck.

Of all the exotic and romantic places in the world, the beaches and bays of the Caribbean islands have to be the most whimsical. Synonymous with relaxation, you might be drawn to the leeward islands for the slow pace of life, lilting music, rum cocktails, and faint aroma of spices carried on the gentle breezes.

Southeast Asia consists of the most mysterious and exotic countries in the world. Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, the Philippines or the Seychelles are destinations that make you dream with their white sandy beaches and their rich cultural and historical heritage.

World’s largest ocean, the Pacific is home to more than 20,000 almost secret islands, set in the heart of turquoise lagoons populated by coral reefs and tropical fish of all colours. From Tahiti to the Fiji archipelago, via Bora Bora, Palau or Hawaii, the Pacific Ocean is a true piece of paradise that can be discovered from island to island.

South America is full of extraordinary destinations where the dream takes place while sailing with the South America Yacht Charter in the heart of the Caribbean Sea. Belize, its many Mayan sites and its turquoise waters bordered by small islands, Costa Rica and its lush natural reserves, Guadeloupe, Martinique or the Grenadine Islands and its volcanic landscapes are as many paradise destinations that invite you to relax. 

Those who love adventure and breathtaking wild landscapes will be delighted by North America. From Newport, the historic capital of American yachting, to Bar Harbor, New York and Boston, New England reveals its history and culture. North of Vancouver, Alaska invites you for a polar and fascinating navigation with the North America Yacht Charter.

Known for its medieval castles, magnificent fjords and colourful villages worthy of fairy tales, Northern Europe makes for an enchanting luxury charter yacht destination. During the high season, the short summer nights and long days act as the ideal backdrop for a tranquil and mystical escape.

Spanning north to south, situated between the Suez Canals and the Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea provides everything one could wish for during a luxury charter journey. The ancient desert shores have it all, from stunning technicolour diving to pristine anchorages, a vibrant nightlife and world-class cuisine.

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