Technical Management

Our Technical Management Service connects the owner with very experienced, highly-qualified technical superintendents, ranging from Naval Architects to Master Mariners, all with a minimum of 10 years relevant yacht and engineering experience. Technical inspections of your yacht will take place every four to six week, or as required. 

The superintendents’ will liaison with the vessels classification society for all technical and survey matters. To ensure a policy of fair wear and tear is being applied in relation to charter use and where necessary charter guests are appropriately invoiced for repairs, unannounced inspections of guest accommodations following charters will be carried out as part of the service.



The Technical Management team will also ensure the yacht is maintained in the condition required by the owner, Classification Society and Insurers and offer the provision of shore-based technical support and technical knowledge base for the owner and crew. The superintendents offer technical parts purchasing support for the crew (especially import during emergency repairs for the avoidance of charter down-time and liquidated damages) if and when needed. They will also be in charge of guiding the management of the Planned Maintenance Software (PMS) schedules and inventory for the hull, onboard machinery, equipment and systems.

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Our Technical Management service covers the evaluation of shipyards, contractors and tendering, including the assessment of crew’s shipyard worklists, the development of technical budgets and specifications, the procurement, assessment and negotiation of shipyard/contractor quotations, contracts and the assessment of associated shipyard insurances.* 

The service also oversees all shipyard works & cost control. This includes project management, supervision and cost control and monitoring onsite shipyard works to any vessel or project. 

Lastly, monitoring the lubrication, fuel, oil and freshwater and providing analysis is also part of the Technical Management service. The superintendents validate the on-spec delivery of fluids, verify if the equipment is operating to full potential and verify a healthy living environment onboard.

* Note: This covers normal annual shipyard periods only. Major shipyard refits and special surveys are not included within this scope but can be quoted separately.



Our Technical Management service guarantees the maintenance of the vessel to the highest required technical and aesthetic standards as well as yacht reliability, safety and regulatory compliance. The dedicated Technical Management team will create and provide vessel technical inspection reports for the owner when required, together with the diminished depreciation of the yachts asset value.
The owner will be provided with reduced breakdown costs and given insights into repair costs, and charter guest liquidated damages and environmental pollution clean-up costs. The team will also oversee the maintenance of charter vessel status, certification and reputation. But most importantly, working with our Technical Management team guarantees the provision of a safe holiday environment for owners and guests alike.


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