Yacht Chef Jobs


What is a galley without its chef? A vital and rewarding role onboard any yacht, a yacht chef keeps all its crew, guests and owners well-fed and happy. Similar to any head chef in a restaurant, a yacht chef has to be even more creative with their talents, as they must perform their tasks on board of a moving vessel – with occasionally limited, or hard to come-by supplies. Part entertainer, full-time cook, a yacht chef will have to be aware of all dietary needs, allergies and food requirements of those on board while being able to work hard under pressure. Most yacht chefs will have likely started their career in a restaurant or hotel before making the switch to the yachting industry.


If you have excellent cooking, cleaning and management skills, together with a charismatic and solid personality, then why not apply for a position as a yacht chef? It’s recommended to start a yachting career as a crew chef, or sous chef for a few seasons before applying for a head Chef role. Browse through our full yacht chef job listings today.

duties and responsibilities

A yacht chef’s responsibilities include preparing and cooking three meals a day. Yacht chefs must also manage their food budget and deal with the galley accounts, overseeing the safe food storage and stock control. As most guests aboard any yacht are accustomed to dining at the finest restaurants around the world, a skilled yacht chef must be flexible, very skilled and be able to prepare a broad repertoire of foods from around the world. Maintaining high levels of food and personal hygiene are also key aspects of a yacht chef’s role.


acht chef salaries tend to vary, depending on the level of experience as well as the size and type of yacht they are working on. Head chefs’ salaries can range from €3,500 to €10,000 a month, depending on the size of the vessel. Sous chefs average pay scale varies from €3,000 to €6,000 per month. Yachts between 81m and 100m offer the highest average monthly pay for both roles.


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