Our yacht management team will handle all of the expenses of the yacht, managing entirely the finances of each vessel, on an agreed budget with the captain and owner. Using a dedicated bank account, our yacht manager will budget expenditures based on years of experience, pay the bills, balance the accounts and credit cards for the yacht. The reporting is done monthly, quarterly and annually, comparing the forecasted budget and the actual spendings of the yacht, with details of any variations. Our team operates with the utmost integrity and ethics assuring transparency in the management and finances of your superyacht. 


Our Operations Management Service covers all critical aspects of operating a vessel. An experienced and highly qualified yacht manager with 12 years of relevant experience will be in charge of your account. The Yacht Manager will oversee vessel inspections to ensure the highest level of proficiency every four to six weeks, or as required by you.


The Owner Representative


The Yacht Manager will act as the owner representation in all third-party management and liaison scenarios, including Trustees, Legal Advisors, Ownership Company Directors, Fiduciary Service providers and legal advisors. They will handle all Charter Brokers as well as dealings with the Port State Regulatory, Tax and Customs Authorities, Ships Flag State/Registry Authorities and VAT Registered Representative Companies. In addition, they will also work closely with Compliance managers (ISM, ISPS, MLC, etc.), any external Captain, Crew and Crew Employment Company, all Insurers (Vessel & Crew) and Salvers. The yacht manager will also handle any dealings with Port & Marina Officials and all suppliers and service providers.

owner and Captain Support


The Operations Management will also negotiate the set fee and/or open book invoice policy for high volume and high-cost yacht supplier services. This includes bunkering brokerage and delivery services, food and drink provisioning services and spares and consumable provisioning services.


Our Operations Management service also includes in-depth owner and Captain Support, offering clear and practical support for efficient operations and full compliance with regulatory authorities. It encompasses assistance defining appropriate manning levels, assistance locating, interviewing, recruiting and motivating highly qualified crew and assistance defining and enforcing crew duties, crew training and standing orders. Additional support in handling matters relating to labour relations and discipline as also included.


To ensure effective and efficient operations while cruising, our Operations Management covers the long-term planning of your travel itinerary, survey, servicing and maintenance, crew manning and holiday. 


We also oversee all Crew Travel Arrangements, including access to cost-efficient travel agency arrangements and access to flexible seaman airfares without cancellation fees and including free additional luggage.


Our Operations Management service also offers an alternate source of in-depth knowledge, associated with the operation of the vessel to your unique requirements and standards. This is important in terms of maintaining the required service delivery during normal operations, but also in times of major crew change.


By working with an Operations Management team, the owner is guaranteed vessel inspection reports, next to safe, efficient, effective and justifiable operations. Compliance with the objectives and standards required by the owner and regulatory authorities is also assured. But most of all, our service allows you the owner to be free from the time-consuming task of operating a yacht in an ever-evolving international legal, regulatory, political and financial environment and more time to enjoy cruising.



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