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Takuma E-Foil Cruising

€ 6,800

The Efoil cruising offers effortless glide and accessibility for all to fly. With an innovative shape and size suitable for most body types, it’s designed to make this new discipline as accessible as possible. Beginner or expert, gliding sport lover or summer vacationer, if you’ve ever dreamed of flying above water, you need to try efoiling with Takuma. Efoil cruising is modular: you can change the foil’s front wing. Depending on weather conditions and on your level, changing the front wing size may increase the Efoil’s efficiency.
The 1900cm2 front wing offers excellent stability and a lift perfectly suited for first time riders and heavy weights. With its powerful and smooth lift, this foil is developed for calm water riding. (It’s not adapted to riding in the swell, its lift would then be too strong).
The 1600cm2 front wing is much more fun and responsive but also more stable and easy to handle in swells.
In short: – A product that is easy to use and accessible to everyone (even without any experience in water sports) – A unique board design with a volume and shape suitable for beginners and experts. – A very stable board and foil – An ultra intuitive remote control

Board size 6’3×30 :
150 L

Front wing size :
1600 cm2 or 1900 cm2

Front wing options :
1300 cm2

Mast size :
50 cm

Total weight :
39 kg

Battery :
12 kg

Board :
16 kg

Efoil propulsion :
11 kg

Flying time 70 to 90 min
Charging time 2h50 (220Vt) 3h20 (110Vt)
Max speed (subject to your weight)
28km/h with the 1900 cm2
30km/h with the 1600 cm2
34km/h with the 1300 cm2
Board EPS/Fiber glass top sheet
Carbon front wing + stabilizer
Aluminum fuselage + mast
Engine power 3 kw
Engine brushless
Battery Li-Ion 43,2V – 35Ah
Aluminum propeller: 5 blades

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