INdian Ocean & South East Asia YACHT CHARTER

Southeast Asia consists of the most mysterious and exotic countries in the world. Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, the Philippines or the Seychelles are destinations that make you dream with their white sandy beaches and their rich cultural and historical heritage. From the Bay of Bengal to the South China Sea, Asia is drawn between turquoise lagoons, wild islands and splendid coral reefs. For those who love to dive into the silence and magic of underwater life, South East Asia is the ideal destination. The Indian & South East Asia Yacht Charter sails to discover the Komodo Islands and its Manta rays, the Philippine archipelago and its majestic whale sharks, the island of Sipadan and its immense coral garden or the volcanic island of Bali and its numerous shipwrecks. For adventure and exotic enthusiasts, Southeast Asia is a unique and surprising destination.

When words aren't necessary and only the swaying of the palms are needed to speak each other's language.


Climb the hills of the “Chocolate Hills” and the Mayon Volcano, bask in the sun on the white sand of the mythical beaches of Boracay, meet a Tarsier on the island of Bohol, dive with whale sharks and Manta rays, meet with turtles, enjoy a barbecue after a day of fishing, fly over the atolls and turquoise lagoons, marvel at the starry sky and admire a fascinating sunrise.

With its 1200 islands, the Maldives archipelago is a real jewel in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Extraordinary diving, exceptional fishing, white sandy beaches and magnificent turquoise lagoons make this place an unmissable and heavenly sailing hotspot.

The Philippines

Located off the coast of Vietnam and Indonesia, the Philippine archipelago is a dream destination with its beautiful white sand islands, wild landscapes et lush nature. Volcanoes, Sabang caves, canyons and unforgettable diving make it a unique destination for those who love adventure.



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