Meet Our Team

Sergey Patrikeev


Having obtained two master degrees in Industrial management in Russia and International management & trade in France, as well as making his first yacht brokerage experience on Cote d’Azur, Sergey brings to our team his marketing, analytical and design skills and knowledge. Always keen to learn, create and improve, Sergey has an impressive record of promotional, financial management and yacht brokerage tools development and is high-motivated to enrich his list with new ones. Supporting our marketing and brokerage teams with yacht listings, announcements, client presentations and much more Sergey is an integral part of the team. Sergey used to be a professional tennis player and has won several Russian national tournaments. He also likes to play chess, follows Formula 1 championships, travels around the world and never forgets to come back to his home town Volgograd to spend some time with his family.


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