Meet Our Team

Sean Ilbery

Director of Yacht Management

Sean’s career in yachting was inspired by a youth spent on the sea and a passion for flawless engineering and design. Just prior to the millennium he set out as a Naval Architect, involved with innovative aluminium hull designs from Australian shipyards Austal/Oceanfast (ref. MY NOMAD) and North West Bay Ships (ref. MY WHITE RABBIT ECHO). Following a relocation to Europe, he spent 5 years working with Lloyds Register (LR) and the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) as a commercial superyacht and passenger ship specialist focusing on shipyard project management and design approval. Following 2 years with the world-renowned LR Ship Emergency Response Service (SERS), managing technical teams of emergency incident responders for a global fleet of 2000 ships, Sean joined the OCEAN Independence (OCI) yacht management division, in 2007. Working from both OCI’s UK and Swiss offices he redeveloped the company’s ISM and yacht management procedural systems for scaling-up and handled various Safety and Security management duties. Responsibilities also included the cost-effective operational management of over 150 million Euro in client assets, provision of a safe working environment for circa 80 crew (with MLC employment responsibilities for half of these) and direct financial responsibility for annual vessel operational budgets of circa 15 million Euro. Managed yachts included MY SARAH, MY WERE DREAMS, SY MALTESE FALCON, MY ENGELBERG, MY CHRIMI II, MY SEA D, MY NOMAD, MY LADY NAG NAG and MY MIMTEE. Sean founded Sterling Yacht Management (SYM) in 2015, receiving support from previous yachting clients. Since inception SYM developed its fleet operational management systems for scaling-up with the right partners. With Michael and David better partners could not be found. The unique combination of expertise and experience found in the resulting TWW Yacht Management joint venture provides yacht owners and their captains a powerful and progressive ally in the management of their yachts.


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