Meet Our Team

Samantha Pott

Crew Recruitement

Samantha is from a family of entrepreneurs, mostly focused on the hospitality industry. Having been inspired by her family’s creativity and passion to create viable business models, Samantha opened her first business, a clothing imports company, at the young age of 19. She continued to run this company for a further 6 years before making a career change into the yachting industry. She learnt the dynamics of yachting during the 3 years she stayed on board, being exposed to chartering, high crew turnover, shipyards and yachts ranging from 40m – 90m. Samantha then co-founded South African Yachties, where she is the Managing Director, and is well known throughout the yachting industry for her pioneering efforts to assist South African yacht crew with Schengen visas. After 5 years of dealing with hundreds of crew and captains (either needing a visa themselves, assisting a crew member with documentation or enquiring about immigration advice for crew on board), Samantha’s crew reach is extensive with crew worldwide. Recruitment was a natural progression for Samantha. After running her own recruitment in house, she is now part of the TWW Yachts team leading the TWW Crew division with a dynamic and modern approach to crew recruitment, giving both Captains and employers an individual and tailored experience with TWW Crew.


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