Meet Our Team

Nadya Compton

Accounts Assistant

Nadya was born and educated in Russia, graduating from St Petersburg’s State Technical University with a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, specialising in the design of medical equipment in 2000. After graduation, Nadya worked for an engineering company which designed diamond mining equipment, before changing her career path to management and finance.
The company she joined was a start-up chain of retail shops. It was an exciting journey involving learning new management skills, developing financial templates, and training other staff members in their use.
Upon her marriage in 2014, Nadya relocated to the UK. Due to family commitments, Nadya chose to take care of the family home for a number of years. In 2022 she was excited to resume her career in accounts. She was delighted to join the TWW Yacht Management family where she continues to enjoy the challenge of learning the intricacies of yacht management accounts whilst bringing her valuable experience to the team.


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