Meet Our Team

Klaus Sorensen

Yacht Superintendent

More than 20 years’ experience in the shipping & yachting industry. A true practitioner, with a focus on getting the best return for owners, charters and investors both financially and operationally. Extensive experience from commercial shipping operation, before collaborating with Sterling Yacht Management from 2015. Based on the French Riviera since 2009 with an established and extensive network in high-end sectors and yachting.

Yachting Experience includes Operational Management; day-to-day contact with Captains and Engineers, voyage and supply logistics, Financial Management; budget control and Purchasing; bunkers, spare parts, maintenance.

In addition, extensive commercial Operational Shipping Experience encompassing operating 60-120 Cape Size ships (voyage instruction, cargo planning, port planning, stow plan approval daily contact to COA partners, voyage system, bunker planning to optimize cargo intake, daily contact to master & crew, voyage calculations). Financial Management covering hire payments & invoicing, funding agents & masters, freight invoicing & collection. Managed P&I Club correspondence in particular cargo & hire disputes as well as handling technical (Dry-Dock planning) for fleet.

Commercial Shipping experience comprising of Sales & Marketing budgeting while also being responsible for target achievement, project planning, identifying potential business opportunities in new and existing markets, daily reports and general sales & trading. Day to day co-ordination with the Managers/Directors at the alliance offices. His considerable experience and expertise make Klaus a wonderful addition to the TWW Yacht Management team.


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